Riot Games Reveals New Modes And Events In League Of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 5.1b

featured image for our news on League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 5.1b. It features Kalista against a blue-turquoise backdrop. She's wearing her usual outfit with purple headgear.

Riot Games just revealed the League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 5.1b. It’s set to bring a few tweaks and exciting events. In case you missed it, they released the last update, version 5.1 in March end. It brought some significant changes by dropping new heroes and a new magic circle.

What’s In Store In League Of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 5.1b?

The big news is the Final Stand: Challenge Mode. With this one, you can keep the action going endlessly. Mainly, face off against the Iron Order as Kalista in a test of endurance. Wild Rift surely wants you to push your limits! By the way, this mode drops on May 16th.

The Siege of the Blessed Isle event drops as part of League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 5.1b. It lets you dive deeper into her story as you battle against the Iron Order once again. Also, there are plenty of goodies waiting for you as you fight your way through.

The Journey to Mastery event that drops on May 30th will see reworks for Miss Fortune and Riven. Try out their updated abilities and snag some rewards, like Poro Energy. Embracing inclusivity, the update kicks off the Pride 2024 parade on June 1st. You can join the community in celebrating Pride with a new event, emblem and icon.

Played Wild Rift Yet?

This PvP MOBA is a mobile spin-off of Riot Games’ popular title League of Legends. With its fast-paced combat, real-time strategy and smooth controls, Wild Rift offers a really good PvP multiplayer experience. This free-to-play title dropped on Android in 2020.

To give you a quick overview, the last update (5.1) dropped three new champions: Kalista, Viego, and Maokai. It also dropped a new magic circle in the Baron Lane, letting you summon an Ixtal Mosstomper to help you take down enemy turrets. If you’re yet to check it out, get the game from the Google Play Store.

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