Leap Sheep! leaps onto the Android Market, won’t make you fall asleep

Turtle Rock Garage have developed games for PC/consoles systems for awhile and even though they are just a small indie company, they have done pretty well. Now they are making the leap into mobile gaming with a new title called Leap Sheep! Your goal? Keep making your sheep jump the fence, it won’t make you fall asleep though!

As you progress through the game, tapping the screen to make your sheep leap over the fence, more keep coming. The longer you last, the harder it gets. Don’t let your sheep line up too far otherwise it is game over!


  • Super cute and addictive gameplay is fun for everyone. Easy to learn, a challenge to master!
  • OpenFeint integration allows you to compare your scores and awards against your friends.
  • 44 Awards including Wool Socks, Golden Fleece, Sheep Trick, Sheepil Kneivel and more!
  • Leaderboards (High Score, Most Leaped Sheep, Most Tricks, Leap Streak, Longest Game)
  • Time of Day: The LeapSheep! environment reflects the real time of day. Play it in the morning and see the sun breaking over the hills while Roosters crow. Play it at night and enjoy a moonlit field, complete with soothing cricket and owl soundscapes.
  • Multipliers: The more sheep you jump over in a row, the higher the multiplier so you can get some crazy scores



This is an achievement hunter’s dreams with 44 OpenFeint achievements and a bunch of leaderboards to try and get top spot on. This is a fun game to play casually or for those of you who enjoy racking in the achievements, playing it hardcore for hours. You can pick Leap Sheep! up off the Android Market for $1.99.

Developer Website: Turtle Rock Garage

Direct Market Link: Leap Sheep!

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