[UPDATE: Game Released] Legend of the Skyfish from Crescent Moon Games lands on Thursday for Android

According to Crescent Moon Games, Legend of the Skyfish is coming to Android this week. This game is set among a collection of islands that are under the vengeful thumb of the eponymous Skyfish, which was awoken by fisherman reaching too deep for the catch.

UPDATE: Friday, September 30th – 3:20 AM, PST: We were trying to get to this news yesterday, but we experienced some technical difficulty. We are sorry about that. In case you did miss it,  Crescent Moon Games and Mgaia has released the much sought after game, Legend of the Skyfish. If you have been waiting on this one, you can now download the game in the Play Store for $2.99 We are playing it and it is as good as we hoped. If you want to check it out, the link to download it can be found at the end of this article. 

The Skyfish enslaved and mutated the locals, as well as having their children thrown into the sea. Players will assume the role of a young person who survived such a fate, by the intervention of the Moonwhale, and in turn sets out to free his brother and vanquish the Skyfish. You will be using their fishing pole in a variety of ways that range from grappling hook to weapon.

Equipment can be upgraded. Take the fishing pole as an example, which can be upgraded to include ranged attacks. Your hero’s cloak and fish hook can also be upgraded for additional benefits. Gameplay is viewed from the top down, and has been likened to the maze adventures such as the classic Legend of Zelda, though this has a chapter and level based layout, instead of a single, unified land.

The game does require players to navigate over waterways, around floor traps and projectiles, through enemies, as well as solving puzzles such as flipping switches to open doors, and toppling bosses. If the iOS pricing is going to the be the same on Android, this game will be a flat $3.99. You can check out the game’s trailer, and additional screenshots, below in the meantime.

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