LEGO Bricktales Android Version Out And Much Cheaper Than PC Or Console

Feature image for our Lego Bricktales news piece. It shows an in-gamed screen of a pirate scene, with a ship tied up on shore with pirate figures stood round it.

LEGO Bricktales is now up for grabs on Android, making the jump from PC and consoles, at a very appealing price. Players on our favorite platform can get their hands on the building game through Google Play for less than a quarter of the cost to get the title on PC.

The Most LEGO Game

If there’s one thing that LEGO’s ethos encompasses it’s encouraging creativity and unique ideas. This is something that’s quite easy with a box full of feet-endangering plastic bricks, but a little more tricky in the world of gaming.

There are plenty of LEGO games out there, from Star Wars to Lord Of The Rings, so what’s different about this one?

You take on the role of the grandson of a great inventor, whose beloved amusement park faces closure if you can’t restore it to glory. Fixing up the place takes more than some elbow grease though. You’re taking up the task with help from a robot extraterrestrial, who can rebuild things using happiness crystals.

Solving Problems With Bricks

As the name might suggest, you can get hold of happiness crystals by solving others’ problems and making them happy. So that’s a good incentive to get out there and do some good in the community.

Bricktales takes the spirit of LEGO and puts it into a digital format, you can customize your own little minifigure main character, and build freely brick by brick to solve physics-based puzzles. You’ll create bridges, thrones for monarchs, and even get hands-on with the amusement park.

In addition to the missions, there’s sandbox mode, a more laid-back affair where you can return to previously-visited locations and experiment with a bigger range of bricks at your disposal.

It’s a title that can grab younger users but still has enough going on that grown-ups can have fun with it as well.

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