Let’s Golf 3 announced for Android. Comes complete with overly dramatic looking gopher.

Gameloft has decided to announce another game, via Facebook, with another teaser video. This time it is for the follow up to Let’s Golf and Let’s Golf 2. Can you guess what the name is? Let’s Golf 3! Who knew right? Anyways, not a whole lot of information has been released about this new addition to the series aside from the video.

We should see some graphic and control improvements in the third installment of Let’s Golf but as for any new features, Gameloft is keeping quiet for right now. They will be releasing information over the next few weeks though which means we could see Let’s Golf 3 land on Android as soon as the end of May or sometime in June. If you liked the previous two games, you’ll be looking forward to this one as well. Check out the video below.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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