LevelUp Studios release their first game, a puzzler called Peti

Developed of the ridiculously popular set of widgets called Beautiful Widgets have switched gears for a bit and developed a game instead. LevelUp Studios has released a match-4 puzzle game called Peti which has you saving baby aliens before the rather large mother alien gets angry and decides to eat all of us tasty humans.

Unlike most matching puzzle games, this particular one has you need to match 4 or more of the same colored block in order to remove them from the playing field. Most games of this nature only have you needing to remove three or more of the same color. However it isn’t all about removing blocks.

You will need to build and match these blocks around the same colored aliens in order to save them. When you save an alien, they get to go back to their mother who will remain calm as long as you get the kids back to their mother.

Like most matching puzzle games, Peti comes with a bunch of special powers which you can purchase while earning experience points. Special powers can do things like changing the color of blocks from one color to another, destroy blocks and so on.

Coming from LevelUp Studios, Peti is also a good looking game visually which is no surprise considering how LevelUp studios seem to have an eye for good design. Want to check Peti out? You can nab it off of the Google Play store for free.

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Developer Website: LevelUp

Google Play Link: Peti

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