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I noticed a tweet this morning talking about a new game development framework for Android called libgdx developed by Badlogic Games. This new framework is great for both new game developers as well as advanced users and allows for rapid prototyping on your desktop PC/MAC while guaranteeing to have the same behaviour on your Android device.

Official Description:

GDX is a simple Android game development framework that allows rapid prototyping on your desktop PC/Mac guaranteeing the same behaviour on your Android devices. All plattform specifics like OpenGL, Audio, Input and File I/O are wrapped by a small interface that can be easily extended to fit your needs.

It’s good to see more and more tools popping up for Android game developing and hopefully this encourages developers from other platforms to start making Android games as well as anyone who has been considering getting into game development but hasn’t just yet. We have a list of resources here at Droid Gamers as well to help you along and plan on publishing tutorials as well regarding some of these tools and game development in general.

libgdx is constantly being worked on by the developer and has already been receiving some great reviews from other game developers such as OMGWTFGAMES!!1! and Battery Powered Games. You can grab everything you need off the libgdx Google code page. If you need any help, visit the developer’s website as he has a few tutorials already available.

On a side note, Badlogic Games has put out a call to any level designers to see if any are willing to make new levels for Newton and receive a cut of the Paid version profits. If you are interested you can get a hold of Badlogic Games via their email: contact [at] badlogicgames [dot] com

Developer Website: Badlogic Games

Google Code Page: libgdx Download

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