Liege Dragon is Kemco’s Latest JRPG, Available to Pre-register Now on Google Play

Kemco is gearing up to release its latest JRPG, Liege Dragon, which has just popped up on Google Play for you to pre-register for.

You play as a princess who has to lead her kingdom, following the death of her father, and an amnesiac young man who collapsed on a mountain.

Liege Dragon Challenges You to Defeat an Evil Resurrected Dragon

Your goal is to find the Dragon Tools of the Three Heroes, which are key to defeating an Evil Dragon that has been resurrected.

At this point, we’re wondering if Kemco creates these plots using an algorithm or random JRPG story generator.

Anyway, if the bombardment of cliches hasn’t put you off, go ahead and pre-register for Liege Dragon right now on Google Play.

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