Life Is Crime location-based MMORPG now available on the Android Market

Currently on the Android Market we have a few really good location-based MMORPG titles to play if you enjoy that sort of game. Red Robot, however, has brought another one to Android called Life Is Crime which, as you may have guessed from the title, is a crime game instead of a zombie or fantasy one.

If you haven’t played a location-based game of any kind, essentially it uses your location for most aspects of gameplay within the game whether it’s infecting someone and turning them into a zombie or taking over their part of the city in a more strategy-based location game. With a locationn-based MMORPG title, it’s the same location-based gameplay idea but in an MMORPG theme where you can complete quests, fight monsters and other people and most other activities you find in an MMORPG.


  • Real World Game Map: Our map allows players to see a rich visual representation of the real world. Locations drawn on the map grow with player interaction and map persistence allows players and places to become legendary over time.
  • Leaderboard & PvP: Fight other players at different locations and climb to the number one spot on the leaderboard!
  • Reputation: Become notorious within your town or city – fight and dominate territory to keep your Rep high.
  • Missions: The mission system takes every day, real places in your routine – coffee shops, banks, gas stations – and matches them to location-based missions, virtually enabling players to complete the “Destroy ATMs” mission at any bank, in any town.
  • Deal Contraband: Players can pick-up and drop off virtual contraband at real locations and profit.
  • Location-based GameFeed: The GameFeed allows players to see gameplay and gamers at locations around them. The GameFeed also enables players to share achievements, goals, and gameplay moments with other players. Find new places and players.
  • Achievements: Earn over 50 Achievements!
  • Weapons and Gear: Customize your character with over 160 cool weapons and equipment!
  • R2 Gaming Network. The R2 Network also features push notifications and deep integration with social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter and Google.



In Crime Is Life, you are a criminal, along with everyone else who plays the game, looking for the next big score and to become a big time criminal instead of the street corner thug you start off as. You can rob people, make minor drug deals, and other petty criminal acts until you start getting reputation and bigger. Then you can start pulling off bigger crimes like bank heists, bigger drug deals and so on.

The really cool part about this game though isn’t so much the criminal aspect of it or the fact it’s using the actual map of your city to play it on but that actual locations in your city are where you do your crimes. So if you walk by a bank on the street, in the game chances are it will show up and you’ll be able to rob it. Same goes for other locations and other criminal acts. To pull off these crimes though you will need weapons and other gear which there is plenty of to acquire in-game.

While Crime Is Life supports almost every city, it is uses data collected to hold future events and special quests in specific cities for users to do. This is all through their FourSqaure-style check-in engine they have built specifically for this game. For you PvP fans out there, yes there is PvP combat. All combat in-game is turn-based as well. You can download this game now off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: Red Robot

Website Referenced: PocketGamer


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