Life is Strange is out right now on Android

Life is Strange Android

Life is Strange is one of the better narrative adventures of the last few years, and you can play it right now on Android.

You take charge of Max, a promising photography student that develops the useful ability to alter the flow of time. That arrives at a very handy moment too, as she’s about to witness the death of a student.

Life is Strange has launched on Android

Thus begins Max’s adventure as she struggles to save her hometown from a mysterious, oncoming storm. There’s also the problem of fitting in at school, helping out classmates, and solving the odd murder.

Most interesting is the fact that the time-altering mechanic is used in a variety of interesting ways. You can use it to learn key facts about characters, then rewind time to reintroduce them during opportune moments in conversation, for example.

Ultimately, you really have got to play Life is Strange, as it’s a fine example of the genre and you can play it right on your phone. Go and grab it from Google Play right now.

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