Lil Big Invasion: A Rescue Adventure – Is Now Free

Lil Big Invasion is an adorable puzzle game where you need to lead little green flies out of tricky dungeons. Of course, it’s never as easy as walk to the front door, a ton of obstacles stand between you and freedom.

Lil Big Invasion: A Rescue Adventure – Can you save the flies?

Lil Big Invasion is a puzzler with charm and a lot of different mechanics. To get your little friends out of the dungeons, you will need to break spider webs, activate switches and block air vents. Otherwise, these tiny little green flies will never see daylight again!

Be careful, when you fly around you are using up your reserve light energy. With no light energy, the green flies won’t follow you long enough to make it to safety.

There are 40 handcrafted levels across five exotic worlds. This includes five boss fights with some weird and wacky creatures. There are no IAP’s and no adverts in a game that is currently free!

If you want a premium puzzle game for free, then download a copy from the Google Play store.

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