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New Limbus Company Combat System Update Splits Fans

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Project Moon has updated Limbus Company once again, reworking the combat system entirely, resulting in a mixed reaction from the fans. In a devblog that shared the latest update, the developer detailed the combat overhaul under “Major Changes”.

The update has made it so that Potency and Count will remain after you apply status affect multiple times. The developer also changed the lack of speed for staggered units, as well as making it so that you can add skill slots on the Dashboard between waves.

The update has also brought a plethora of bug fixes, as well as some much needed optimisation tweaks. The Android version of the game performed poorly at launch, so it’s great to see the studio take the time to make the game accessible for everyone.

Mixed Reaction

We took to a Reddit post that focuses on the update news under r/gachagaming to gauge the fan reaction.

One user, @EngineeringNo753, aired their thoughts, writing “The extent I understand the combat system is, match colors. Way too small to understand anything past that.”

One user, @ArkhamCitizen298, simply writes “What a hard game.”

Contrasting this, user @No-Bag-818 expressed a more balanced view of the system. “The combat system is super confusing to start with, mainly cause the tutorial ain’t very good. But I feel the one thing that’ll make the biggest difference to learning the combat is figuring out how skills and coins work. Once you know how all the values come together, everything else kinda comes with it. Least for me it did.”

It’s interesting to see such a divided reaction. But if there’s one thing that the fans can agree on, it’s that Project Moon is dedicated to improving the game post-launch. The studio released Limbus Company on February 26, and we’ve already seen multiple game-changing updates.

You can download Limbus Company on Google Play now.

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