Project Moon Is Cracking Down On Macro Usage In Limbus Company

The featured image for our Limbus Company macro usage article, featuring a poster from the game that showcases the different Sinners.

Project Moon has stated that it will be cracking down on players who use macros in Limbus Company. The announcement, which the studio shared on Twitter, warns macro users that there will be severe consequences for future macro usage. The punishments in question appear to be account suspension.

Project Moon caught on to a small number of players who were suspicious of those using macros when they reportedly farmed the battle pass up to the level cap of 255. The Limbus Company community has estimated that this high level would have taken around 200 hours of playtime, and that’s with using buffed experience.

But that’s not all – as the game has only been out for a little over four weeks, the 200 hours of playtime roughly converts to 10 hours of mirror dungeon grinding a day. With this in mind, it’s easy to see Project Moon’s thought process, as this absurd amount of grinding is highly unlikely. What’s most probable is that the suspects used macros to gain the levels.

Account Suspension

In the Twitter announcement, the developer states that the team will be closely monitoring user game data from this point forwards. The studio has put criteria in place, and if it witnesses players drastically exceeding this, then Project Moon will suspend the account.

The studio is deploying a shoot first, ask questions later policy, but it may be for the greater good. You might be worried that the studio will unfairly suspend your account, but don’t be – Project Moon has opened a communication line for inquiries. Simply email [email protected]

Limbus Company

Project Moon, the studio that created Lobotomy Corporation, is behind Limbus Company. The game works as somewhat of a direct sequel to the 2016 success. It centers around a group of twelve Sinners as they work to break into the lab of the Lobotomy Corporation, using turn-based RPG elements to lay claim to the Golden Boughs.

You can download Limbus Company on Google Play now.

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