Limbus Company, A New Game From Lobotomy Corporation Devs, Releases Today Amid Server Issues

Feature image for our Limbus Company release date news piece. It shows the main character Dante, who has a clock for a head, being linked with the group. Chains are flying out and linking with his clock head.

Limbus Company, a new gacha game from the makers of Lobotomy Corporation and Library Of Ruina has touched down on Google Play. The Limbus Company release date wasn’t entirely without problems though. A reddit post has indicated that the game’s servers caved under the pressure a few hours into the release. Clearly more people were keen to enter the dystopian nightmare than the developers anticipated.

Things seem to be running smoothly as of the time of this article on the Limbus Company release date, but be aware that you might need to wait a little while to get stuck into the horror.

All Aboard The Death Bus

Nightmare is not an understatement. The game takes place in a grim, dystopian city, where you take the role of a clock-headed manager of the titular Limbus Company. The company is an organization of fixers known as ‘Sinners’, who ride around in a big gothic bus.

The Sinners are a colourful bunch, and come with a lot of fun literature references attached to them. There’s an Ishmael who survived a dangerous sea voyage, a Heathcliff who has a temper and raging inferiority complex, and poor Gregor has a few problems with turning into a cockroach.

A Lobotomy Corporation Sequel

The Sinners’ mission is a clear one. They must venture into the abandoned facilities of the former Lobotomy Corporation, and try to recover valuable resources from deep within its derelict hallways.

Unfortunately, you’re not alone down there. There are other fixer companies trying to beat you to the prize, but that’s not the worst of it. Far nastier things stalk the lost facilities.

The game’s combat is a turn-based affair, with different phases. It’s up to you to try and utilize your Sinners’ individual skills to their full potential. You can chain together moves that resonate with one another to do greater damage and stagger the enemy.

Things get pretty weird with your squad too, as Sinners can switch to alternate-universe versions of themselves with different damage types and affinities. It’s a wild ride.

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