Limited Edition Minecraft Xperia Play for sale on eBay by Mojang

We are not exactly sure on how many of these Mojang plan to sell and as of right now there is only one listed on eBay. What device are we talking about? It is a limited edition Minecraft themed Xperia Play that Mojang is selling on eBay right now and currently has 41 bids on it.

Hardware-wise there is no difference between this Xperia Play and any others out there roaming the world. However cosmetically there is Minecraft all over it, literally. Should you win this auction, you will be the first to have one of these limited edition Xperia Play phones which is coated in a custom phone skin with Minecraft graphics and the logo on the back. All proceeds of the auction will also go to a charity of Notch’s and the whole Minecraft team’s choice. The only other way to get one of these awesome devices is to win one at GamesCon this year.

Currently the bidding is at $1,025 and chances are it will go up. If you have enough spare cash laying around and you’re a Minecraft fan, this is pretty much a must have. You’ll also be helping out a charity which is always a bonus. If you want to check out the auction, just head on over to eBay.

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