LINE: Monster Rancher Release Delayed to Spring 2023

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The upcoming mobile game, LINE: Monster Rancher has been delayed to Spring 2023. The developers of the long-running series took to Twitter to explain the reasoning behind this change in release date and announced that they require a longer period of time to improve the overall quality of the game. Keep an eye on our website for more information regarding the release of LINE: Monster Rancher, where we will report any important updates.

It was originally due to have a release date sometime this year, but with the year closing in, it makes sense that we now have to wait until early next year. With Monster Rancher being a beloved series it’s no surprise that the developers want to spend as much time as possible making this new entry perfect. You can read the full LINE blog post by the developers, which you can translate via the built-in Google Translate tool in your browser search bar if you’re on a PC.

It’s important to note that this is a mobile version of the Monster Rancher franchise, making it a highly anticipated game. From the sneak peeks we have received so far, it’s comparable to Monster Rancher 2, which is available on Android, where you can create monsters to raise. You can use these monsters to defeat opponents during tournaments, helping you along your journey to becoming the best monster breeder.

What Is LINE: Monster Rancher?

The trailer for LINE: Monster Rancher was released earlier this year and features some gorgeous anime-style art while setting the scene for the game with a short cinematic. We then get an entertaining animation of some monsters interacting with each other, which showcases a selection of the monsters that will make an appearance in LINE: Monster Rancher. 

Interested by the trailer? Check out the game’s official Twitter Page for more content about the game itself. Keep in mind that the Twitter account is in Japanese, so you’ll have to translate each tweet if you wish to keep up with the development of the game.

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