Lineage 2: Revolution gets an… Alice in Wonderland event?

Lineage II: Revolution

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any stranger than it already was, Alice in Wonderland arrives in Lineage 2: Revolution.

You’ll step into Wonderland itself and join Alice on a quest to save it in an all new Temporal Rift Dungeon.

Alice in Wonderland is the second weird Lineage 2 collaboration, following the Batman event

There’s also a new Adena Vault called Queen’s Treasure Chest, which lets you fight Card Captains for extra rewards.

If you don’t mind spending extortionate sums of money on meaningless digital tat, you can also get a new mount, Agathion, and various costumes – all themed on Alice in Wonderland.

Later in the month, new Event Field Monsters and World Bosses themed on Wonderland will also make it into the game, spreading out the fun.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab Lineage 2: revolution. You can enjoy the Alice in Wonderland event right now.

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