Lineage 2: Revolution now features a battle royale mode on Android

Lineage 2: Revolution Android

Lineage 2: Revolution just received a brand new battle royale mode, which is pretty mad.

In this take, up to 25 players battle it out to be the last man standing.

Lineage 2’s battle royale mode features four classes to play as

You’ll choose one of four characters to play as, each of which have the same equipment, level, and stats.

You’ll then duke it out, avoiding penalty zones and defeating NPCs to get exclusive skills and buffs.

Play this mode and you can unlock some awesome rewards, including new Sailor Costumes and the Water Gun Weapon Costume.

There are also three new in-game events live right now to celebrate the new mode: bingo, attendance, and Megakurin.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab Lineage 2: Revolution to check out the battle royale mode.

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