Lineage II: Dark Legacy is a new take on the classic MMORPG

Lineage 2: Dark Legacy Android

So Lineage II is already available on Android, but another version of it has just dropped out of nowhere.

It goes by the name Lineage II: Dark Legacy, and NCSoft – the original publisher of the PC version – published it.

So what’s different about this version? Well, it’s less of an MMORPG and more of a team-based dungeon crawler.

Lineage II: Dark Legacy is a gacha RPG set in the Lineage universe

You have to create a party of four heroes and battle your way through a variety of campaigns. There are also boss battles and the series’ signature castle sieges to take part in.

Basically, this is one of those gacha RPGs wearing the skin of Lineage II. That will either excite you or make you vomit depending on how you feel about hero collectors by now.

If you’re in the former camp, go ahead and grab Lineage II: Dark Legacy on Google Play right now. Though you should note that it’s not out in all territories just yet.

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