Linux Tycoon to get online play and will be coming to Android soon

A couple of big announcements regarding Linux Tycoon just landed in our laps. Essentially Linux Tycoon is a “Linux Distribution Building Simulation” game where you build your own operating systems. For the nerd in us, that is rather cool. However, the first announcement is that it will be getting online play. What does this mean?

This means that you will be building your operating system and pitting it against other players’ operating systems. Essentially this makes Linux Tycoon as the world’s first MMOLDBSG (Massively Multiplayer Online Linux Distro Building Simulation Game), at least in the developers wording anyways. To expand on the whole multiplayer gameplay, in the very near future there will be a ‘Linux Tycoon Server’ which will be released for free and allow players to set up their own servers to play on, like with Minecraft, instead of playing on the official Linux Tycoon server.

Following up this bit of awesome news is some even better news. The second announcement is that Linux Tycoon will be coming to Android and iOS in the near future as well. Linux Tycoon for Android will be the entire game including the online play regardless if it is a player hosted server or the official one. There is also a single-player mode should you just want to play the game that way whether on your PC or on your Android device.

For those of you interested in this game, there are a few more key points to check out:

– Linux Tycoon will be completely DRM free
– There will be no subscription fee or freemium stuff. You buy the game once and that is it.
– If you buy the beta of Linux Tycoon, you will receive the Android version for free when it is released.

So when does this all go down? Well the online play will be rolled out in Beta 3 which is due to be released next week, roughly around Wednesday. The Android version is slated for release the week after on Wednesday as well. Of course this is subject to change, just depends on how the final testing goes. For more in-depth details about Linux Tycoon, check out the official game page.

Developer Website: Lunduke

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