Step Into Little Land, A New Grounded-Like Survival Game On Android

Little Land

Little Land is a new survival game on Android that’s sure to test your survival instincts. It’s set in a microscopic world where you’re tinier than an ant. It lets you build structures, befriend bugs and defend yourselves against pesky enemies. Published by Puzala Games, it’s free to play.

It’s A Tiny Little Land!

So, basically, you’re in a world where size definitely isn’t on your side. It all starts with a local lab in your small town. The lab is dabbling in some mysterious experiments and something goes really wrong. The repercussion is that you shrunk down to a microscopic size.

You get to team up with your pals to scavenge for resources and materials. Tarantulas are on the hunt, and it’s you they’re after. Save yourself from getting stuck in spider webs and save some trapped beetles from these webs as well. They will return the favour by chopping down grass and helping you clear your way.

Little Land shows you the ropes of ant life, where survival is a daily task. You must establish a thriving community even though nearly everything else out there is more powerful than you. You can train bugs more than twice your size, build safe houses inside bottles and cans, grow mini crops and forage jumbo-sized snacks.

Alas! It Hasn’t Dropped Globally Yet

Little Land has made its debut in only a few regions, including the US, Canada, Australia and Germany. Altenburg Rachel has developed the game, and they had previously named it Micro Survivor. I’m glad they changed the name because Little Land is more apt and sounds more exciting!

So, if you’re up for the challenge of setting up a crib to weather the dangers, you can grab Little Land from the Google Play Store.

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