Location-based augmented reality creature capture game Mobbles arrives on Android

Think of Pokemon but without the combat and you have Mobbles. Developed by the appropriately named Mobbles Corp, this game is a creature finding virtual pet game similar in style to Pokemon but without all the combat that you normally find in a title like this.

Mobbles is also a location-based augmented reality game so finding the Mobbles, to which there are over 50 of already to find, is based off of real world locations and the Mobbles can only be found by using your Android phone or tablet. Once you have found a Mobble, it is time to take care of them and level them up.

Mobbles Features:

– 50+ different Mobbles are available at launch.

– New Mobbles appear in the wild every week.

– Once a player catches a Mobble, it’s no longer available—and other players can’t catch it.

– Mobbles are dynamic rather than static—often changing their positions several times throughout the day.

– Players are notified when Mobbles need them (i.e., when they’re hungry, tired or bored).

– Each Mobble has a personal universe, with clothing to match (e.g., Sploon’s theme is Hawaii, Ribble is a scientist).

– Mobbles level up—unlocking new content; once a Mobble hits Level 5 (“adopted”), it is happy and will no longer ask players to take care of it.

– When Mobbles are happy, they drop Crystals that players can use to buy new stuff.

– By completing small achievements (e.g., bathing them before they go to sleep, feeding them breakfast), players gain experience or Crystals.

– Players can add friends and trade Mobbles.

You will, of course, be able to dress up your Mobbles and each one has their own personal universe themed around that particular type of Mobble. When a Mobble is in need of their owners, you will get notified that they need you and what for whether it is for food, bathing or if they are just straight up bored. The good news is, once they hit level 5, you won’t have to take care of them anymore as they will do that themselves.

If you like Pokemon style creature finding games then you might want to check this one out. You can download Mobbles off of the Google Play store for free. You can also check out the game in the preview trailer below.

Developer Website: Mobble Corp

Website Referenced: Mobbles

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