Location-based PvP MMO called Ghost SEED in beta, win a 3-day pass to PAX Prime

A new location-based game has arrived on Google Play called Ghost SEED from Ctenophore which will have players picking one of three companies to play for and from there it is a battle of territorial dominance. In this particular location-based game however, everything you do in the game is done within a 25 meter radius of your actual position on Earth.

Players will control areas around them in which you manipulate manipulating quantum singularities (a.k.a SEEDs) which have different effects. Some will keep control of your area for whatever organization you are playing for while other ones will attack enemy SEEDs. There are, of course, defense ones as well to help you not take too much damage from attacks. Since you only affect things within a 25 radius of whatever you are on Earth, things can get pretty tactical.

Ghost SEED also has special events like Global Campaigns which has organizations battling it out directly for territorial claims. These global campaigns last about a week in length. You will also be able to strategize with fellow members of your organization through forums and in-game chat. Right now Ghost SEED is currently in Beta status and is available for download off of the Google Play store for free.

Since the company making this game is going to be showcasing it at PAX Prime, they are holding a contest where one lucky active user will be selected to win a 3-day pass to PAX Prime. This will be held during a special PAX campaign in-game and the winner will be selected from the active participants in the winning organization during this special campaign which runs from August 2nd to August 9th, 2012. Good luck!

Official Website: Ghost SEED Online

Google Play Link: Ghost SEED

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