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Loot Drop does away with all that RPG nonsense and focus purely on looting

Loot Drop Android

Loot Drop is an intriguing upcoming clicker that does away with all of the nonsense RPGs are usually filled with in favour of just picking up loot.

You basically tap on gold and chests that periodically litter the screen to collect them. You don’t even have to defeat monsters or anything.

Loot Drop is an intriguing clicker coming soon

As you accumulate treasure, you can spend it on upgrades that let you, well, collect more treasure. This includes a variety of sweet gloves and a monster encyclopedia.

There are certain things you have to avoid though, like bombs and legendary creatures. You’ll probably never be powerful enough to defeat them.

Loot Drop will launch February 14th on Android, though you can check it out right now via a demo on Google Play.

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