LootQuest RPG Promises Pokémon Go But With Swords And Goblins

A new trailer released promising a closed beta for LootQuest RPG, a fantasy roleplaying game that promises to get you out and about enjoying nature as well as satisfying your need to loot items and kill goblins.

LootQuest RPG is an upcoming game that takes notes from the Pokémon format. Your phone isn’t the be-all and end-all of your experience, but rather a tool to encourage you to step out and take a walk, with objectives and secrets to reward your exercise with a dopamine hit.

A Real Adventure

The walk is rewarded because the game tracks your location and scatters objectives out in the real world that you need to go find for yourself.

In LootQuest RPG’s case, you take on the role of an adventurer in a fantasy world. As you walk around the world, your character moves too. On your travels, you’ll find a lot of the things that you might expect to find playing an RPG.

There are quests to undertake. You’ll find events with skill checks attached that require you to roll on your stats. NPCs populate the world. Battles pop up where you need to get into scuffles with the local monsters and bandits.

Grind For Steps As Well As Loot

There is, of course, an opportunity to get your hands on loot, with an inventory system, and different equipment with corresponding stats that can increase your chances on other encounters.

This all takes place across a real-world map, which of course looks a bit more fantastical when you’re looking at it on the app.

If you’d like to get in on this, you can sign up for the closed beta test via the LootQuest RPG Discord.

If that doesn’t sounds like your speed and you want an RPG that doesn’t involve going outdoors, check out our news on the Neopunk release.

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