Lord of Magic HD gives you two swords to use to kick some ass with.

A new game for Android recently called Lord of Magic. In this game you are a mage with two swords which you use to cast spells and kick some ass with against waves of bad guys. Lords of magic is a mix between RPG and Tower Defense game genres with a slight twist to the whole tower defense part.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to learn new skills and spells in three different schools of magic to help protect your kingdom from all the monsters trying to destroy it. Instead of button mashing spells though, you’ll cast your spells using gesture-based controls. As your spells increase in power, the more complex the gesture becomes in order to cast it.


  • 23 spells and abilities in 3 magic and 1 ability schools.
  • 19 levels in 3 different locations
  • 12 hard monsters with 3 power levels and special abilities.
  • Unique gesture-based gameplay



Lord of Magic is a unique spin on the whole defense game genre and throws in some RPG elements for good measure. They are classifing this as an HD game so you will want to have a newer Android device to play this even though it supports Android 1.6+. You can pick up Lord of Magic off the Android Market for about $2.50 or try before you buy it with the free version.

Developer Website: N/A

Android Market Link: Lord of Magic HD

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