Lumines: Puzzle & Music will be arriving for Android devices on September 1st

Developed mobcast inc. have revealed that their upcoming game, called Lumines: Puzzle & Music, will be landing on mobile devices in September. Originally released for the PSP, this game has been in a limited release in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand for mobile devices but is now heading for a Western release.

Lumines: Puzzle & Music is a new recreation of the classic PSP game, with improved graphics and all new tracks to listen and play to. In this title, the game board is presented in portrait mode and requires you to swipe and tap to properly align their Lumines blocks for the timeline sweep. If you do this properly, you will end up clearing blocks of four matching colors in rhythm to the beat. As you progress through the game, players will unlock various skins, changing the game board visuals and music.

Unfortunately we don’t have any solid details about how many tracks will be arriving with this recreation, how many levels there will be, or anything like that. We do know that the game will be arriving for Android on September 1st, 2016, so if you’re a fan of the series you won’t have to wait long to get it. When it does arrive it will cost $2.99. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for this new version of Lumines with the video below.

Official Website: Lumines The Games

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