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The award-winning adventure Lumino City is finally available on Android

Lumino City by Noodlecake

Lumino City has finally launched on Android, and is on sale right now to celebrate.

The gorgeous point and click adventure launched on iOS in October 2015, and has won multiple awards since. Such is its beauty that it walked away with a BAFTA for ‘Artistic Achievement’.

That’s could be down to the fact the entire game world was handmade using paper, cardboard, and glue. You’d have to play a console game like Tearaway to experience a game with a similar level of ambition.

But the inspiration behind it is all point and click adventure classics like Monkey IslandMachinarium, and The Neverhood.

A unique world to explore

You play as the young girl Lumi, who has to search the titular city for her kidnapped grandfather. In true point and click fashion, you’ll solve a bunch of puzzles and meet a bunch of wacky characters.

The adventure provides a whopping 10 hours of gameplay. That’s almost unheard of on mobile, and reinforces the platform as a true console contender.

Lumino City is out now on Google Play

If you love your mobile games, you owe it to yourself to check out Lumino City.

So head on over to Google Play right now [get] to grab it right now on sale. Be quick though, as the sale will only last for a week.

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