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Machinarium Android

Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure game with brilliant visuals and a compelling narrative. I don’t often rave about a mobile game, but when it’s a game by Amanita Design, I make an exception.

Machinarium – An Old-School Mobile Game Well worth Playing

Machinarium was Amanita Design’s first full-length adventure game, and it was not far off perfection. You play as Joseph the robot, who was exiled to the scrap heap. After his girlfriend was kidnapped, he had no choice but to venture back to town to find her.

Gameplay features a variety of puzzles that require logic and a bit of ingenuity. Some puzzles require you to collect certain items, others may involve a bit of trial and error.

If you are looking for an excellent point-and-click adventure game, then grab a copy of Machinarium now.

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