Machinima finally releases their own app, connecting fans and content creators

Machinima has finally released their application onto Google Play today, after being in the works for quite some time now. Machinima started off as a YouTube channel that would post videos that were made using the assets within a game to make original content, whether that be a movie, a short story, a humorous clip, and even music videos. The main thing was that is used assets from games to create this content. Over the years Machinima has expanded to cover all kinds of content creation including live action movies and so on. It is still based around video games most of the time.

Now Machinima has an application available that brings content creators and their fans together under one proverbial roof. What this app does is allow communities to be created that are related to Machinima content creators where fans check out phots and videos uploaded by their favorite Machinima maker. Even better, fans can also create videos, upload images, memes, GIFs, and so on to their community of choice.

Machinima Features:

– All new user friendly design
– A rich, interactive community experience for fans and creators
– Social features that allow users to interact directly with Machinima partners and other fans
– Fans can create videos, images, polls, memes and GIFs for the community
– New navigation so you discover the content you love

If you’re a fan of Machinima, whether it be the live action content or the video game created content, downloading this app is something to consider. It is free to download off of Google Play now and while it says it contains IAPs, I have yet to find out exactly what those are.

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