Mac’s World is an N64-Looking Puzzle Platformer, Launching This Month

Retro used to mean 2D, pixel graphics. Now we’re getting to the point where old-school games can nod back to the early era of 3D platformers, and that’s no bad thing. Mac’s World certainly looks to draw a lot of its inspiration from the likes of Mario 64.

The game sees you playing a dog who’s out to collect chicken legs. Because of course it does. You run around the 3D world, jumping around and solving puzzles.

You can take a pet along for the ride, and there are a variety of different outfits to unlock. Let’s watch a trailer, because that’s the sort of thing that happens after the third paragraph.

There are shades of a whole bunch of games there, we think you’ll agree, and if Mac’s World gets things right, it could be pretty darn good. Our concerns? Controls, mainly, and whether it balances out its charm with the requisite amount of skill.

The game is set to land on the Play Store on January 24th, and when it does it’ll set you back 99c.

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