Mad Menace release their zombie killing third-person shooter called GraveStompers

A new zombie killing game has arrived on Google Play, this time for a company called Mad Menace. Dubbed GraveStompers, this is a 3D rendered zombie apocalypse third-person shooter that also has a bit of a comedic twist to it instead of being all serious all the time. It isn’t just the zombies you have to worry about though.

One thing you will note about this game is that the main character that you play is also a zombie as well. In fact the game comes with downloadable content where you can download and play as different famous horror movie franchises, which is a neat little addition to this game. There are also slashers, gun toting grave robbers and other evil monsters you will need to dispose of aside from the zombies.

GraveStompers Features:

Necrotoxin Powered Army – Battle against every imaginable undead creature from zombie fiends, infected zombies, slashers, gun toting grave robbers, while going toe-to-toe against massive 3D screen-filling bosses.
Guns Galore – Battle the forces of undead with scorchers, bolters, double barreled shotguns, rocket launchers and more.
Classic Horror Melee Weapons – When guns just won’t do, dispatch enemies with classic horror melee weapons like: machetes, chainsaws, scythes, plank ‘n nails and more.
Supporting Cast – When Max needs a break from the dull drum job as humanity’s savior, players can buy new heroes with different strengths and weaknesses in the store, including the killer from the blockbuster horror movie, SCRE4M.
80 Levels – Defend 4 different parts of Slumbering Cove in 80 action packed, spine tingling zombie crushing levels.
On Going Support – Mad Menace will continue to deliver new weapons, levels, enemies, and characters to keep the zombie apocalypse alive, muwahhhahahahah

There are a total of 80 levels spread across four different parts in this game and a rather large variety of weaponry at your disposal whether you want to keep your distance and use guns or get a little up close and person with some of the more creative way to use melee weapons.

If you are into horror movies and zombie games, you might want to check this one out. You can download GraveStompers off of the Google Play store for free and start cutting off limbs while you wait for the bus. You can check the game out in action as well in the trailer below.

Developer Website: Mad Menace

Google Play Link: GraveStomper

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