Madfinger Games begins teasing something to come on January 6th

Madfinger Games has begun teasing… something… that will apparently be revealed on January 6th, 2012, a couple of days before CES 2013 officially gets under way. While the teaser image leaves a lot to be desired in terms of revealing anything at all as to what this could be, there are plenty of guesses we can make.

The three main guesses people are making over on the Facebook post that Madfinger Games made spread pretty much across all of their games. While most people thing it is Dead Trigger possibly getting multiplayer, other people are guessing weapon attachments and other goodies for Shadowgun: Deadzone.

Another good guess is a new installment into the Samurai franchise, meaning a Samurai 3 game. Hell it could be something completely different and out of left field and not related to any of their current games. We tried to poke them for additional information but they are keeping pretty hush hush about it so we will have to wait a bit to find out.

So anyone else want to take a stab at what could be coming from Madfinger Games on January 6th, 2013?

Website Referenced: Madfinger Games Facebook

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