Shadowgun: Deadzone by Madfinger Games will soon have full modding support

Madfinger Games has announced a new version of their third-person multiplayer shooter Shadowgun: Deadzone that will let users create their own game content for everyone to play. Officially titled as Shadowgun: Deadzone GM Edition, the GM part stands for Game Master’s Kit, which will allow users to make new maps, modify weapons and characters, and basically let players create their own game elements as well.

Basically this means Shadowgun: Deadzone essentially now has modding support. Users who download the GM Edition will be given all the tools they would need to develop new content for the game, whether that be just a singular new map, or a completely different arsenal of weapons. Making maps looks like it can be as easy a simply dragging and dropping elements around. What is really interesting is that this is just a small part of a bigger project Madfinger Games is currently working on.

The bigger part of this whole project is that Madfinger Games is working on an add-on of sorts for Unity 5.1 that will allow users to modify everything in Shadowgun: Deadzone, literally making it a fully mod supported game. As far as we know, this is the first time this has been done, at least to this level, for a mobile game. Sure there are games with editors and whatnot that let users create content and for other players to play with. But this is literally bringing full modding to Shadowgun: Deadzone.

For those of you interested in trying your hand at modding Shadowgun: Deadzone, you can download the GM Edition kit off of the Unity store for free. We will be posting an update shortly once we find out more about how exactly modders will be able to have their newly created mods appear in Shadowgun: Deadzone.

Official Website: Shadowgun: Deadzone GM Edition Kit

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