Cinderella’s Got A Knife In Madtale RPG

Feature image for our Madtale news piece. it shows promo art of a selection of fairytale characters, armed with weapons, leaping towards an evil queen character.

New Idle RPG Madtale just appeared on Google Play with a global release. The striking gacha game is free to play, with the usual in-app purchase caveats of course, and looks eager to make a good impression.

So, let’s start with the nitty-gritty.

The developer is definitely keen to throw out the freebies apparently, as Madtale proudly boasts a free 1024 draws, the epic partner Mirror Queen, Elite Gear set, and an avatar frame. Players that log in for seven days straight also get the free Epic Partner, Snow White. We can’t say they’re not generous.

Grimm And Grimmer

Madtale takes a less anime approach to the whole gacha thing, and brings an appropriately twisted character design that’s quite refreshing to see in a space that you could easily accuse of having one standard art direction.

The game’s characters are all dark, warped, or tongue-in-cheek takes on fairytale characters. Cinderella is wielding a massive knife, and Red Riding Hood seems to be on much better terms with the Big Bad Wolf than we remember from the story.

The gameplay itself blends idle RPG mechanics with a few surprises and extra features to keep you invested.

The Key To Success Is A Secret

You acquire characters through a gacha system, though there’s an additional layer of complexity with the Secrets mechanics. Secrets are equippable buffs that give the character who holds them added bonuses to certain stats. Each character has limited slots though, so you’ll

There are roguelike dungeons where you can try and get your squad to the end of a grueling set of battles.

There’s PVP available too for those who want to prove their team-building prowess against other players. Player guilds are also fully available, with guild-specific content geared for multiple players to tackle at once.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can check Madtale out on Google Play.

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