Maeldor Is a 2D Platformer with RPG Elements, Available Now on Android

A shadow is growing in the heart of Maeldor.

The kingdom has been plunged into turmoil by Atronien, the god of darkness, who whispered his malice into Mount Thrumnor and caused it to erupt. 

Meanwhile Atronien has declared war on the Divine Seven, and dispatched his minions (The Atras) to steal the all-important Cargo. The Council of the Divine Seven has chosen you – yes, you – to recover the Cargo crush the dark god once and for all.

If that doesn’t get your fantasy juices flowing, nothing will. 

Maeldor is the debut project from Maeldor Games, a two-perso team made up of developers Hatice Elmali and Dogukan Erdem. It sees you playing as Turmaeg, a powerful warrior gifted with the armor and sword of the moon by the goddess Kuuli.

Gameplay-wise, Maeldor is an epic 2D platformer with RPG elements, slick visuals, and a whole fantasy world pulsating with monsters, traps, treasures, and more. It comes with full gamepad support, too.

Every environment and element in Maeldor has been handcrafted from scratch by Elmali and Erdem, and each one comes with its own soundtrack and background story. The list of environments includes dense forests, frozen wastelands, claustrophobic caves, and spooky castles.

While exploring the world of Maeldor you’ll encounter more than 30 different enemy types, including vampires, orcs, necromancers, pirates, dragons, and goblins. There are eight end of level bosses to topple, too. 

To defeat these increasingly powerful enemies you’ll need to upgrade Turmaeg’s skills, level-up his moves, increase his health, crank up his movement speed, and utilise combos. 

A glance at the trailer above will tell you that Maeldor is a unique-looking 2D platformer, with a fluid animation style and the kind of classic action platformer gameplay that you don’t often see on mobile these days. 

Maeldor is free to download on Android right now. Go and check out its official Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages too.

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