Magic: ManaStrike Gets its First Big Content Update, Featuring New Planeswalkers and Cards

Magic: ManaStrike has just received its first big content update, which includes new Planeswalkers, cards, features, and more.

In terms of Planeswalkers, there’s the minotaur Angrath, a pirate who utilises the magic colours of black and red, and Koth of the Hammer, a red Planeswalker who specialises in geomancy.

Magic: ManaStrike Gets an Update For its Friends Feature

As for new cards, there’s Emeria Angel, Hightide Hermit, Carrion Crow, Fire Shrine Keeper, and Sylvan Advocate, which are white, blue, red, and green respectively.

The friends feature has seen a bit of a boost too, with a new Friend’s Match feature and the ability to invite friends to your team.

You can grab Magic: ManaStrike right now from Google Play and check all out of the latest offerings in the brand new update.

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