Magica X Magica is a side-scrolling arcade game about rescuing your friend and being sad

Magica x Magica is a new arcade shooter developed by Magic Cube. Apparently the people over there enjoy using the word ‘magic’. This game is all about rescuing your friend who has been kidnapped by some evil creatures in a magical world. Since it is your best friend that has been kidnapped, which you are very sad about, you still have the motivation to go rescue them regardless of being so sad.

Essentially this is a side-scrolling arcade game where you play as a witch-like character who is out to save their best friend. In doing so, plaers will have to work their way through each level, taking out enemies along the way with your magical powers. A lot of these enemies seem to be fish but the art is pretty good, especially if you like the hand-drawn style.

Magica X Magica Features:

– Simple controls
– Dreamlike and Fantastic arts
– 8 Different weapons
– Various and Characterful monsters
– Various challenging missions
– Mighty bosses

Magica X Magica is available on Google Play for $0.99 and contains optional IAPs as well. It isn’t a bad little game to kill some time with.

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