Magma Mobile is giving you a job in a restaurant in their new game Burger

Every now and then one gets his hands on a game that makes lots of fun by using just a simple yet entertaining idea. That’s precisely the case of Burger, Magma Mobile’s latest release in the field of time-killing games.

In Burger, you’re hired in a fast food restaurant as a cook, and it’s your job to prepare the burgers and serve them along with sodas, fries and desserts. The main purpose of the game is to serve as fast as your reflexes and fingers let you, getting more money and bigger tips for faster attended orders. You’ll be making dishes with over 15 different ingredients through a “calendar” with 300 levels and completing 40 achievements. Talk about a handful of time to play huh?

Burger features a nice ambiance overall if you take into account the nice cartoon graphics along with the sound and music effects, it makes for a good time-killer that you won’t get bored with too fast.  If you like fast, time killing games, you may want to check out Burger which is available free of charge on Google Play, supported by ads and suggestions of more Magma Mobile games.

Developer Website: Magma Mobile

Google Play Link: Burger

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