Majotori is now Free on Google Play

Majotori is a game of trivia, but that doesn’t mean the stakes aren’t high. Can you prove to be the ultimate know-it-all and earn rewards for your virtual characters?

Majotori brings more to the table than a traditional quiz

One day a witch called Lariat appears and offers you the chance of a lifetime. If you get some trivia questions right, she will make your dreams come true. But, if you were to get these questions wrong, then something unfortunate may happen to you or your family.

The aim of the game is simple, try to get as many questions right to increase your chances of having something good happen. At the end of the round, a lucky dip takes place and either something good will happen, or something bad.

If Majotori sounds like fun, then you can download a free copy from the Google Play Store.

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