Mando Productions releases the first screenshot for their upcoming Hills of Glory 3D game

Mando Productions and AMA Ltd have teamed up again to bring another game to Android. For those of you not familiar with Mando Productions, they are the team behind the rather enjoyable Babel Rising 3D game. This time though they are developing a new 3D tower defense game called Hills of Glory 3D.

We don’t know a whole lot about this game just yet but what we do know is that it is themed around World War II. You will be battling it out across a variety of locations in Europe from the Mediterranean Sea to Germany. It isn’t all serious though as there is plenty of offbeat humor in this game as well.

Hills of Glory 3D doesn’t sound like your normal tower defense game either in terms of gameplay mechanics. While you do have to set up defense, players will also be able to launch both ground and aerial attacks at oncoming enemy forces.

So when will Hills of Glory 3D be released? We don’t exactly know just yet, only that it is heading our way fairly soon. Until then, we do have the first screenshots of the game to check out.

Developer Websites: Mando Productions | AMA

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