Marble Droid rolls onto Android in futuristic Tron style

Well maybe it isn’t totally Tron style but there is plenty of the futuristic theme meshed with bright colors in this new action platformer from Zebralightening Studios. Marble Droid is a 3D marble game where you have to navigator your marble through each stage.

While that may sound easy, it actually can get quite challenging, especially since you can fall off the edge of the stage. Each stage has plenty of obstacles and paths for you to figure out plus if you are Accelerometer challenged like I am sometimes, you can change the controls over to a virtual joystick.

Marble Droid Features:

– Collect trophies to earn rewards and bonus content.
– 24 Amazing Full 3D Levels.
– Over 20 Unlockable Marble Skins.
– Openfeint Online Leaderboards and 20 Achievements.>br> – Perfect for all ages and content for casual and hardcore gamers.
– Three difficulty levels to choose from

Marble Droid is just a fun challenging game to play and the graphics are pretty solid in it as well. The option to switch control schemes is a definite plus and hopefully the developer will bring more levels to the game at some point. If you are up for giving this game a whirl, you can download it off the Android Market for $1.99.

Developer Website: Zebralightening Studios

Android Market Link: Marble Droid

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