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Mario Kart Tour kills gacha, adds battle mode, more

The Nintendo mobile game Mario Kart Tour is turning into a proper video game very soon. After over a year of complaints, the game will be stripped of its money-hungry gacha elements in a new update. 

Mario Kart Tour kills gacha 

While free-to-play gacha elements in Fire Emblem Heroes has earned over $1 billion, other  Nintendo mobile games have suffered. With the cancellation of Dragalia Lost, it seems that Nintendo is moving away from reliance on gacha systems. 

Revealed on Twitter, Mario Kart Tour will have its current gacha system removed from the game. The controversial racing game will no longer allow players to spend rubies to summon characters through pipes. 

However, Tour is still a free-to-play game at heart. Yes, gacha elements are gone. On the other hand, you’ll still have to spend premium currency to unlock kart parts such as gliders and more. 

Tour’s vast selection of playable characters was seen as one of its unique aspects. With the removal of gacha, every character will become playable, potentially bringing more players to the game. Will you jump back in? 

Battle Mode arrives! 

Alongside the removal of the gacha systems, Mario Kart Tour will be getting one of the series most beloved modes. In the upcoming update, you’ll finally be able to play an online battle mode on mobile! 

No release date has been announced for the new update. However, we do know that it will release sometime this September. So, fasten your seatbelts! 

With this huge update, Tour is finally becoming the karting game it always should’ve been. While some will still balk at the mobile title, it’s certainly a massive, impressing Mario Kart experience on phones. 

What do you think of this update? Has it reinvigorated your Mario Kart addiction? What? No, we’re not addicted! Shush! 

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