Mario Kart Tour’s Paris Tour Brings New Peach and Shy Guy Skins, Tracks, Drivers, Gliders, and More Tomorrow

Mario Kart Tour’s Paris Tour kicks off tomorrow, introducing a bunch of new content to the mobile kart racer.

The two new Spotlight characters (the ones you can only get if you’re insanely lucky or spend obscene amounts of money) are a Parisian-themed Peach and a chef Shy Guy.

There’s a Lot Going On in Mario Kart Tour’s Paris Tour

There’s a trailer up that gives us a taste of everything that’s new, and there seems to be loads of it.

We saw a new Paris-themed track, two new Spotlight karts for Peach and Shy Guy respectively, what appears to be toad in a racing outfit, and tons of new karts and gliders.

We’re sure there’ll be a bunch more surprises in store when the Tour launches properly. For now, you can try and make the most of the Halloween Tour by grabbing Mario Kart Tour from Google Play right now.

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