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Mario Kart Tour’s Tokyo Tour Just Kicked Off, Adding New Tracks, Drivers, Karts, and More

Mario Kart Tour’s Tokyo Tour just kicked off, introducing a bunch of new drivers, karts, tracks, and rewards to earn over the next two weeks.

The highlight of the new tour is Peach (Kimono), the spotlight driver for the new pipe. It’s basically just Peach in a Kimono. She’s got the Mushroom Cannon as a special skill.

Mario Kart Tour’s Tokyo Tour Kicks Off With the Spotlight Character Peach (Kimono)

Also included in the spotlight is the new kart, Quickshaw, and the Purple Oilpaper Umbrella. The spotlight will change to a new driver, kart, and glider in a week’s time.

That’s it for gacha mechanics though. If you refuse to spend money on a mobile game, there’s still plenty of new content for you, including new tracks, drivers available in the shop, and the like.

The Tokyo Tour will last for two weeks, ending on October 23. At that point, a whole new tour will kick off along with new content including drivers and tracks.

So head on over to Google Play and grab Mario Kart Tour to join in the new tour from the very beginning. Or, just ignore it. It’s entirely up to you.

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