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Mario Kart Tour’s Valentine’s Tour is Now Live, With a Bunch of New Karts, Gliders, and Drivers to Unlock

Mario Kart Tour’s latest tour just arrived, the Valentine’s Tour, with the usual selection of new stuff to unlock.

Well, we say usual, but it kind of feels like Nintendo is starting to get a bit lazy. Paris Promenade has been recycled, there’s only one new Spotlight Character, and not much else of note going on in this update.

Mario Kart Tour’s Valentine’s Tour is Live Now

Baby Peach (Cherub) is the new Spotlight Character, and we seriously doubt anyone’s going to be remortgaging their house to unlock her. It’s not a particularly interesting skin.

We’re also not sure if there will be a Spotlight Character during the second week this time around. We presume there will be, but it hasn’t been revealed in the drivers gallery yet.

Elsewhere we’ve got a lazy pink reskin of Shy Guy, a lazy reskin of DK’s signature kart with an apple slapped on the front, and lazy glider reskins. It’s hardly inspiring stuff.

If you’d like to get involved in the latest tour, go ahead and grab Mario Kart Tour right now on Google Play.

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