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Marvel Snap beta Loot Boxes force players to spend $110 to pity one card

Egregious monetisations strikes free-to-play games yet again with virtual card-game Marvel Snap. As loot box regulation calls reach unprecedented heights, this free-to-play card game is infuriating players before it even releases. 

Marvel Snap loot box controversy 

Via Dexerto, Marvel Snap is angering players during its closed beta state. Before even releasing, the free-to-play game suffers from infuriating, predatory microtransactions that butcher the game. 

The progression system in Marvel Snap is a point of contention for many players. Despite being in a pre-release state, heavy monetisation permeates every aspect of play, so much so that major updates have made major alterations. However, these have only sought to make things worse. 

In the closed beta, the Marvel card-game has a feature known as “Nexus Events”. These events allow you to unlock specific cards with more ease. Unfortunately, it also does so while attempting to siphon money out of players. 

For example, the Thor: Love and Thunder promotional card Jane Foster can only be found in Nexus Event loot boxes. In these events, you can pay 180 gold for one box or 1,800 for ten. That’s right, no ten-pull discount. As one of four ultra-rare pulls in the set, you have a 1.5% chance of acquiring Jane Foster. 

In order to guarantee a Super Rare, Marvel Snap has a built-in pity system. This system allows you to guarantee a super rare card… after 50 pulls. This would cost you $115. Furthermore, to acquire all super rares in the set, that’s $450.

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This isn’t uncommon, and that’s bad

Honestly, looking at the amount of money Marvel Snap is swindling out of players, it’s not the most predatory system we’ve seen in mobile gaming. And that’s incredibly sad to say. 

$450 for some virtual cards is a lot of money, and one day the Marvel card game will shut down. This will make those cards unusable. Nobody should be paying $400+ for something that will be taken away. 

Marvel Snap’s egregious monetisation is part of a larger problem in the game’s industry. Unfortunately, it is one that will not be resolved soon. 

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