Master of Alchemy Vengeance Front will be providing your physics-based challenges soon

An interesting new physics-based puzzle game will be heading our way soon called Master of Alchemy Vengeance Front by DarkWave Games. This particular title is the newest addition to the Master of Alchemy franchise and brings with it some of the old gameplay mechanics along with some new ones that players will have to use properly if they want to get through the game.

Players will be charged with moving liquid, which happens to be in various states such as vaporous and liquid, using the provided tools in order to get the liquid from the starting point to the ending point which is a container that you have to fill up.

Master of Alchemy Vengeance Front Features:

– Manipulation of matter
– Interaction with liquid, solid and gaseous elements
– Streamlined gameplay mechanics
– Interactive environments
– Accurate physics engine that can handle more particles at the same time
– More than 50 nonlinear levels with multiple objectives and bonuses

This game starts off easy but gets rather challenging quickly. Aside from the tools and the various states of liquid that you will have to contend with, there will be interactive environments that will have different effects on your liquid, for example, the liquid passing through a rather cold area will freeze and you’ll have to figure out how to handle that.

Right now Master of Alchemy Vengeance Front is slated for release on iOS March 13th but the Android version is labeled as ‘coming soon’ unfortunately so we don’t know exactly when this game will launch for us. If it follows the pricing style of the iOS version, the Android edition will cost $1.99 to buy.

Published Website: Forge Replay

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