Match ancient artifacts in order to collect them in Dale Hardshovel HD, now out on Google Play

Fans of Match-3 puzzlers might want to check out this new matching game. Dubbed Dale Hardshovel HD, this is a game where players are still looking to match up like objects, but it’s not on the conventional board that iterates on Bejeweled. Rather, the game utilizes boards of various shapes. Further, the boards aren’t completely filled.

On a given board, players will be looking to collect artifacts by matching them up, but must do so by navigating them around the various partitions, to match up as few as two in order to collect the desired artifact. There are also various “helpers” available to players that include platforms, teleports, switches, and magnets. These boosts can help counterbalance the hazards such as spikes, mud, or crumbling stones.

Dale Hardshovel HD Features:

– Over 100 challenging and brain teasing puzzles
– Colorful blocks and scenes.
– Soothing and relaxing music.
– Solve exciting puzzles and uncover fun achievements.

Dale Hardshovel HD is currently available from Google Play. The game can be downloaded for free, but it does contain both ads, as well as IAPs. Aspiring archaeologists can check out the trailer to see the game in action.

Google Play: Dale Hardshovel

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