Match Pairs in a variety of games in Cubeology, now available from Google Play

For those who like simple puzzle games, there’s a new entry onto the Android platform. Dubbed Cubeology, this game is predicated on finding tiles that match. The tiles are randomized, but are at the same time fitted together to make a three dimensional shape that players will manipulate in order to seek out the desired matches.

Players have the choice of either having a cube for the game board, or a sphere; the shape can then be twisted and turned in any direction. There are five different modes of play, with differing rules for each. The Standard format has no time limit, but does reward extra points for matches that are completed quickly, and deducts them for incorrect pairings. The goal is to completely eliminate the shape, as each pairing disappears from the larger shape. Limited Time is the same game, only with fifteen minutes to complete the same objective. Should players succeed, subsequent plays will remove thirty seconds from the total time, and failure to complete the game will cause the converse to happen by adding thirty seconds to the total time.

Speed Cube gives players a significantly smaller cube/sphere to work with, as well as drastically reduced time. Cube Builder works in an opposite fashion, with more cubes being added to the board as time progresses, until it reaches the starting point of the standard game. Lastly, Picture Search is a riff on the classic game Memory, where the pieces are all shown as question blocks, and only revealed as they are tapped on.

Cubeology features leaderboards for each of the five game types, with weekly leaders being posted for Speed Cube as well. The game is available for free from Google Play, and includes interstitial ads.

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